arguments development

bash completion

To help implement bash completion (or other completion stuff) common::Arguments provide an option to print an easy to parse list of all available option.


<option> <cardinality-min-value> <cardinality-max-value>
  • Exactly one white space between the values

  • If an option has several aliases the last one is used

  • The cardinality represents the number of values the specific option expects


$ casual casual-bash-completion
domain 1 18446744073709551615
service 1 18446744073709551615
queue 1 18446744073709551615
transaction 1 18446744073709551615
gateway 1 18446744073709551615
help 0 0
casual-bash-completion 0 18446744073709551615


The option casual-bash-completion takes 0..* values that represent the context. The plan is to use this context to narrow down possible options, hence only suggest relevant options to the user.

It is probably best to just pass all whole arguments that the user has typed. I’m not sure what the semantics are if the current half argument that is tabbed on is also passed. Well, right now it does not matter since we don’t do anything with the context. but when we implement this, it might give strange result.