casual has a few ‘products’ in separate repositories under the casualcore-organisation.


The main purpose of casual is casual-middelware, which is an XATMI implementation


casual-make is the ‘build system’ that is used to build casual

Getting started

build casual

Follow the build instructions

Use casual-middleware

See examples

how to build resource proxies

how to build servers


Whats left to do?

  • conversation conformant on all platforms

  • Some redesign of internal parts (for maintainability)

field tests

We’ve done some field tests

  • 1 XATMI domain (no inter-domain communications)

  • 2 types of resources - IBM db2 and casual-queue

  • Performance is good

  • Scalability is really good, hence we feel confident that the basic design is good.

We’ll publish the result of the tests as soon as we can

Contribution guidelines

  • We have to get this whole project documented and organized before we define these guidelines.

  • But if you make improvements, please keep the same look and feel of the code.


Release notes



Official site


Our intention is that everything in this repository is licensed under the MIT licence, with the exception of stuff under thirdparty, which have their own licenses.

We show this by the file