casual has several administration services that can be called from users. If casual-http-inbound is started for a domain, users can call these over http. Which makes it possible to create arbitrary administration tools to manage casual.

Attention casual might change administration service API between minors. This due to the cost to keep compatibility. In the future we aim to lock the compatibility between majors.

Available services

To list all available administration services use the following command:

$ casual service --list-admin-services


Every manager has a state service, that delivers the manager total state. These state-services are mainly used for listing different CLI views of the manager state.

The state services might give a more complete view than other CLI views, and might give further insights.

describe services


To describe a casual-service just use the following command:

$ casual describe <service>

http request

If the header casual-service-describe is set to true, the describe mechanism will kick in and the payload will be the description (model) of the service.

Unfortunately, describe does not contain description/documentation about what the service does, and how it works. Only what the service takes as input and gives as output (this will be added in the future)