casual gatewayΒΆ

host# casual --help gateway

  gateway [0..1]
        gateway related administration

      -lc, --list-connections [0..1]
            list all connections

            deprecated: [-c]

      -ll, --list-listeners [0..1]
            list all listeners

            deprecated: [-l]

      -ls, --list-services [0..1]
            list all services and connections

      -lq, --list-queues [0..1]
            list all queues and connections

      --list-inbound-groups [0..1]
            list all inbound groups

      --list-outbound-groups [0..1]
            list all outbound groups

      --legend [0..1]  (list-connections) [1]
            show legend for the output of the supplied option
            Documentation and description for abbreviations and acronyms used as columns in output
            note: not all options has legend, use 'auto complete' to find out which legends are supported.                        

      --state [0..1]  (json, yaml, xml, ini, line) [0..1]
            prints state in the provided format to stdout

      [deprecated] --rediscover [0..1]
            moved to casual discover --rediscover