casual callΒΆ

host# casual --help call

  call [0..1]
        generic service call
        Reads buffer(s) from stdin and call the provided service, prints the reply buffer(s) to stdout.
        Assumes that the input buffer to be in a conformant format, ie, created by casual.
        Errors will be printed to stderr
        @note: part of casual-pipe

      -s, --service [1]  (<service>) [1]
            service to call

      --iterations [0..1]  (<value>) [1]
            number of iterations (default: 1) - this could be helpful for testing load

      --examples [0..1]
            prints several examples of how casual call can be used

      [deprecated] --asynchronous [0..1]  (<value>) [1]
            [removed] use `casual --block true|false call ...` instead

      [deprecated] --transaction [0..1]  (<value>) [1]
            [removed] use `casual transaction --begin` instead