build casual


The following packages need to be installed:

  • git

  • python

  • gcc (version 8)

  • g++ (version 8)

Note: casual will not build on a 32-bit system

system environment variables


used for


well, temporary files…


if you’re planning on trying some of the examples there might be a good idea to use $HOME/git as your repo-root, then the examples correspond exactly to your setup.

$ git clone
$ git clone
$ git clone


platform specific preperations


Enable EPEL, Software Collections and install stuff

$ sudo yum install epel-release centos-release-scl
$ sudo yum install libuuid-devel sqlite-devel python libcurl-devel devtoolset-9
$ scl enable devtoolset-9 bash

set up the environment

Enter the casual repo.

$ cd $HOME/git/casual

It should be enough to just source the example environment set up file. (if the casual and casual-thirdparty repo’s are next to eachother)

$ source middleware/example/env/casual.env

custom setup

If you got another setup or there are some platform specific problem, you need to edit the casual.env file to suit your platform setup.

$ cp middleware/example/env/casual.env .
$ vim casual.env # edit to suit your needs
$ source casual.env

build casual

$ casual-make

If you want to compile as much as possible in parallel you can use:

$ casual-make compile && casual-make link

test casual

$ casual-make test


If this how-to is not to your liking, or does not describe your platform please provide a pull-request to fix it.